Union Bannering

“Bannering” is a union-generated publicity tactic that tries to pressure project owners into using union construction labor. The objective of “bannering” is to bully building owners into abandoning their contracts with nonunion construction firms. Instead, they seek to force owners to employ construction firms with union workers – often at higher costs and with restrictive work rules. The words “Shame On” directed at a building owner or businesses/tenants are intended to intimidate the target – nothing more. That’s why the campaigns are a scam.


Union claims during a banner campaign typically are not supported by facts. The banners often bear a “labor dispute” legend. That’s completely false. A “labor dispute” requires both parties to have some sort of contract with a union. In these “bannering” campaigns, there’s no contract, negotiations or expired contract. The “labor dispute” doesn’t even match the common definition of a “labor dispute.”


The unions are simply trying to organize non-union employees, or embarrass a property owner into using union labor. Bannering campaigns are not designed to improve workers’ wages and benefits. They are aimed at ruining the reputations of construction project owners and nonunion contractors to create more opportunities for union workers.


The people holding the banner most likely are not construction union members – they’re hourly workers, hired from a local temporary labor pool – and paid minimum wage. Do you really think a union member would stand holding a banner for minimum wage when they could be earning union scale on a real construction site?


The unions aren’t Colorado-based. The organizers are from distant cities and their unions are trying to force their way into the recovering Colorado economy.


Union pressure campaigns rarely result in construction delays. Many contractors are equipped to handle union bannering campaigns and other attempts to disrupt their business. They’re intent on putting people to work, and doing the job right, to the tenant or property owner’s satisfaction.

Don’t be deceived:

Stand with the property owners who want to keep Coloradans on the job.

What is Union Bannering?