Why are there labor pickets outside my building?

Picketing or bannering taking place at your building is a union-generated publicity tactic aimed at pressuring project owners into using union construction labor. The words “Shame On” directed at the building owner or itstenants are intended to intimidate the target, nothing more.

Colorado is a “labor peace” state, something close to a right-to-work state, and skilled tradespersons do not have to belong to a union to be employed. In fact, there are significant higher costs associated with union wage rates, along with expensive benefit packages. Non-union construction companies and contractors produce high quality work without the burdensome costs and work rule restrictions of a union contract.

That why a number of Colorado contractors have formed Keep Colorado Construction Competitive (KC3), so they can continue to keep their businesses prospering and their employees on the job, without the threats of union organizing and interference. Building owners, property management companies, tenants and businesses have rights. Here’s what to do when you encounter these protests at your building.

If union picketers are at your building:

  • A picket line cannot block you or your guests from accessing the building entrances.
  • If you do not want them on your private property, call the police to have them moved to a public sidewalk.
  • Picketers may not block sidewalks and access ways that are used by the general public.
  • You can restrict protestors from hand-billing and petitioning inside your private building.
  • Some local ordinances restrict or forbid the use of loudspeakers or amplified sound.

If bannering takes place at your building you may:

  • Restrict parking and access to private parking lots. Any unauthorized vehicles may be towed from parking lots.
  • You have the right to request they not be on your private property.
  • You can tell the police to enforce your property line boundaries and avoid interference with your employees and guests.
  • Signs may not be displayed in private areas not open to public access.
  • Bannering may be lawful, but blocking the access or egress of the public or workers is not. The banner should not disrupt traffic flow, present public safety issues or redirect foot traffic.

Take Action!

Call the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters today and ask them what the “Shame On” banners and pickets are all about!

Hal Jensen
(cell) 213.792.4640

Mike McCarron

Mark Thompson

What is Union Bannering?