Merit Contractors Band Together Against Union “Bannering” Campaign

“Union’s ‘Shame on’ Banners Exposed as Fraud”

Denver, CO – Who are those people, and why are they holding signs claiming a “labor dispute?” White banners with block lettering reading “Shame On” and bearing the name of a company and/or building tenant have popped up all over the Denver Tech Center, in downtown Denver and Cherry Creek North, and up and down the I-25 corridor.

The protests are organized by the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters out of Los Angeles, and supported locally by Carpenters Local 55. The signs claim to be protesting a “labor dispute,” but there’s no dispute at all. The sham was exposed by 9 Wants to Know in a report last night.

“A labor dispute requires both parties to have some sort of discussions or contract with a union. In these ’bannering’ campaigns, there’s no contract, negotiations or expired contract,” says Mark Latimer, with the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), Rocky Mountain which represents Denver area merit shop, or non-union, contractors.

There’s just one purpose for the bannering tactics –to intimidate building owners and tenants into hiring union-staffed contractors. While the unions claim a contractor is not paying area standard wages and benefits, the unions themselves refuse to even release what they consider standard rates for this area. In most cases, those holding the banners and manning the picket lines are not union members at all, but paid day laborers receiving minimum wage and no benefits.

A number of general contractors and subcontractors have banded together to start telling the “other side” of the story with the “Keep Colorado Construction Competitive” (KC³) campaign. The group, whose members have chosen to remain undisclosed because of the harassment they and their employees receive, are supported by the Associated Builders and Contractors.

“We are helping expose what’s really going on,” continued Latimer (ABC). “This is an intimidation technique by the unions to try to force businesses and tenants to use union construction firms, often at a higher cost.”

KC³ has a website ( which will provide information on what the banner campaigns are all about, along with what businesses/tenants should do if its business is targeted. The campaign will also feature 60 second radio spots airing on major radio stations, along with advertising on Pandora online radio. Owners and tenants are also being provided information in the event their location is “bannered” or picketed.

About Keep Colorado Construction Competitive:

KC³ is a group of general contractors and subcontractors who have joined together to start telling the “other side,” that this is union organizing intimidation, not a “labor dispute.”

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